Black cube 666

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Why Many Speculate that Jared Kushner is the Antichrist

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This is clearly a Hollywood disclosure. He hooks them up to this machine and records their brain activity, hoping to unlock the secrets of life and death, or life after death. What was happening was they were using ice water and the water was very important in this, to cause near-death experiences.

And that I know of, this happened to me three times before I could complete the experiment or assignment that was given to me. There was a KGB officer sitting there at the table, it was being recorded on camera and it took me three tries to get this right. And at one point I was in therapy with a therapist who was internationally known for working with people in this area, with people who have been ritually abused and mind controlled.

The drowning theme in the OA could have just been a coincidence, but what really hammered home the fact that the writers of the show are clearly occult insiders is the Saturn reference. When the main character is having her near death experience in the drowning machine, her captor records soundwaves coming from her brain, and these soundwaves sound exactly like the frequencies emitted from the rings of Saturn:.

What I believe the OA writers are trying to relate to us is similar to what many occult researchers and insiders are saying about the life-death-rebirth cycle. Near-death experiences can shed some light on how this matrix system works.

Max Spiers elaborates on this:.

black cube 666

So you get amnesia when you go through the machine, I sort of have a feeling of remembering it, and wanting to pull away. I remember being killed before. And throws you back into basically the same situation you just came from again with the same people. Just different clothes. You move in circles with the same people.

There is a So they are working in unison there in numerology. Some people do call it the Black Sun, I have heard that.Posted by Emily Love Nov 9, I first heard about Black Cube back in August A weird, faceless company with the telephone number containing ! I had wondered when the company would enter mainstream consciousness. FaceLikeTheSun explains potential connections to Google.

Check his channel out here. So Black Cube seem to impersonate people for dollars. Essentially lying in person or online to gain confidence and then extract information, among other shady services. Before the Great Flood, Saturn was regarded by all mankind as the supreme god and ruler of the kings.


Occult researchers affirm that Saturn ruled the kingdom of Atlantis and became the divine ancestor of all earthly patriarchs and kings. Paul A Philips tells us that:. The Illuminati worship the planet Saturnthe black sun, aka the black cube cult.

Check out this amazing list of Cube Symbolism in popular culture. So many! When you start to look into the meanings behind certain symbols, you begin to see the world in a completely different way.

Have you ever been in a situation where two people are speaking a foreign language and you have no idea what they are saying? You are immediately at a disadvantage should those people not have your best interests at heart! If you are interested in the meanings behind symbols then please also check out this channel as it has some nice videos on esoteric interpretation.

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Let us know what you think about this in the comments. Would you be interested in learning esoteric interpretation? Email address:. EOS: wearechangee. BCH: qq6vxf4l3ukcqkhw0tyg8u2zhya8er5zd52jeycw6c. ETH: 0xd64a9f01fa9bc1b3dd65b6bedb23d2ebd6a6. Remember me. Forgot Password? Join Us. Next The End Of Hollywood? About The Author.

Emily Love. Join We Are Change!But Satan has perverted this symbol to use in his false religions. To summarize, the six-pointed star is the supreme symbol of Satanic tyranny, which has been used by people throughout history to directly or indirectly worship Satan.

The Israelites worshiped star gods, such as Remphan and Chiun, which could have been 5-sided or 6-sided stars.

Black Cube: Saturn Occult Symbolism

Solomon used the Talisman of Saturn, which has a hexagram, in worship of false gods and to invoke the powers of Satan. The six-sided star was used by Babylonian astrologers for Sun worship.

Babylonian astrologers divided the starry heavens into 36 constellations ten days each. These amulets were worn by the pagan priests and they contained all the numbers from 1 to By these figures they claimed to be able to foretell future events. Adding the numbers of any column either horizontally or vertically, and also the two diagonals crossing the square, the total is the same — So is a number associated with pagan sun-worship, which originated in the mysteries of ancient pagan Babylon.

Sun worship, which is really Satan worship, has existed for thousands of years and is still worshiped to this very day by Mystery Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church and the global elite in the world.

The Israelites worshiped the star of foreign gods and were punished for it. The mark of Cain was worshiped by the Israelites in the wilderness as the star of Remphan, which represents the god Saturn, also called Chiun. This is very significant, because Solomon was a man of wisdom, who was allowed to build the temple of God; yet late in his life Satan caused him to worship and build altars to false gods, and use the hexagram to invoke the powers of Satan.

Satanists, Occultist and Freemasons venerate King Solomon, who owned a magic ring that was engraved with the Seal of Solomon, which gave him power over the invisible monarchy of demons.

This worship of Satanic false gods angered God so much, that after Solomon died, God split the kingdom of Israel in two. To understand the mark of the beast, you need to know who the beast is first.

To read a Bible study on the beasts of Daniel and Revelation that reveals the antichrist beast system, click on The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation. Is the hexagram the symbol that Satan will use as the Mark of the Beast? When you profess your allegiance to Jesus, even in the face of death, then you will have eternal life. The Jesuits are the earth beast of Revelation 13which will enforce the mark of the beast.

Federal Reserve Bank; and they control the major banks and financial institutions, such as Citibank and Goldman Sachs. So your eternal destiny primarily depends on whether you will kneel and worship the Antichrist beast system. Taking the mark of the beast is a result of worshiping the beast. The mark will identify which people belong to the beast, as it will clearly show that they are subject to its authority. The Jews in Germany had to wear a star on the outside of their clothes, so that they were easily identified.

The hexagram represents Satan worship. How much more will he lead people in the end times, either through deceit or enticement, to do the same? It is no mystery that in all the occults, the hex plays a central role in Satan worship and upon and within these covens, human sacrifices are offered to Satan. The hexagram represents sun worship, which is Satan worship.The books of Daniel and Revelations speak of a man who will rise to power at the end of times who shares numerous similarities with Kushner.

Before Kushner became adviser to the president, he was best known for brokering the most expensive real estate deal in history for a building marked with the mark of the beast at 5th Avenue New York.

What about peace in the Middle East, is the evidence of a Soros connection and not enough to stir up rumors of Kushner fulfilling ancient prophecies? Jared Kushner has absolutely no political or foreign policy experience of any kind, yet somehow he finds himself in the position of brokering peace in the Middle East?

According to Bible prophecy, the man who makes peace in the Middle East, albeit a false peace, is the biblical Antichrist from the book of Daniel and Revelation. Before you laugh at the idea of Jared Kushner brokering peace in the Middle East, you need to know that Jared and the Kushner family are long time friends of Benjamin Netanyahu.

He absolutely has the ear of the Israeli prime minister. Start watching the mark. Make peace in the Middle East? Looks like he is already halfway towards that goal. We are not saying that Jared Kushner is the Antichrist, but there are enough red flags that we thought we would bring it to your attention.

We will be following his every move quite closely from here on in. The apostle Paul says that two things need to happen before the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church. The great falling away which is already well underway, and for the Antichrist to be revealed. Watch the videos below of Kushner. His rise to power might not be connected to the biblical prophecies concerning the Antichrist, but it is undeniable that Kushner is playing a hidden and very peculiar role within the Trump administration.

Source: NowTheEndBegins. Bonnie Waggle Waytowich actually there is someone else who fits the picture, the Muslims are expecting him to come rule over the world. You have all forgotten one thing about the antichrist, you get the mark of the beast on your right hand or forehead.

You get this rfid chip on your right hand or forehead. Who owns that technology. Barbara A. He has no relationship at this time worth exploring. Stop the ignorance. Bonnie Waggle Waytowich. Well that leaves Obama or the Pope. Both qualify.

Elgonda Brunkhorst. Patsy Forbes Watkins.Dark energy spreading throughout the world!

black cube 666

This dark plan that involves the whole world has gone on in secret for many centuries. It is finally being played out as the new world order coming and growing stronger every day. This cult carried the same pagan symbolism today of. Islam,shriners,freemasons, false Jews,Jesuits, satanic cults, Christian Zionism,Catholic Church as well as many other pagan religions.

This is not hard to prove as this information can be found by anyone researching it today. I will show this below and you can connect the dots. I do not want you to be participants with demons.

They were brother and sister — husband and wife. The sons and daughter of Satan and the same bloodline of Cain the son of the Serpent. Today they are called the royal blue bloods. You can research the 13 bloodlines that inter marry today. This ancient Egyptian cult was very displeasing to the True Creator God so it was wiped out by the flood.

The same cult again is now growing world wide. The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. Genesis The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. It is a very sick minded evil satanic book. This is the same universal lodge created by the Barivian Illuminati founded on by Adam Weishaupt in my opinion after much research.

black cube 666

See how the dollar has the date of the in Roman numerals? This is the date the illuminati was founded. This all ties in to saturn the black cube and the new world order! The dollar has New world order written in Latin.We are looking for a professional video editor, animator and graphics expert that can join us full time to work on our video productions.

Sign up for a membership to support Red Ice. If you want to help advance our efforts further, please:. Oct 14, By Henrik Palmgren redice. Muslim pilgrims circle the Kaaba inside the grand mosque in Mecca. Chador-clad women in black touching the black stone. Inthe stone was removed and shattered by an Iraqi sect of Qarmatians, but the pieces were later returned.

The pieces, sealed in pitch and held in place by silver wire. Image: Source. In the center, Prophet Muhammad, with two long hair plaits, places the stone on a carpet held at the four corners by representatives of the four tribes, so that all have the honor of lifting it. The carpet is a kelim from Central Asia. Behind, two other men lift the black curtain which conceals the doors of the sanctuary.

Most of the year, the Kaaba is covered in black cloth. Beneath the black cloth is a stone building that may date back as far as B. Each side of the cube measures about 60 ft. There is a gold door in the southeast side. Inside, there is a polished marble floor and three pillars. If you want to help advance our efforts further, please: Donate.

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black cube 666

April 17, Covid Man-Made?

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