Runmus gaming headset reddit

We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. Music and sound effects are key to a great gaming experience. Gaming headsets are a little more specialized than typical headphones and having the right pair of gaming headphones can help improve your overall time spent gaming.

The best gaming headphones are comfortable, sound good, and have a decent microphone. They also usually have dedicated software support, lots of active features, and have customization options. However, specialized gaming headsets can be quite bulky and the wireless models are often limited by the range of their transmitter.

So far, we've reviewed over headphones and below are our recommendations for the best gaming headsets to buy. This wireless transmitter is great for those who like to mix console and mobile audio as they go.

The headband is also only adjustable to a certain extent - if you have a large head or thick hair, then you might not be able to get a good fit. See our review. If you like to customize your headphones' sound profile to better suit your own needs, get the Logitech G The app is one of the most comprehensive we've seen to date, providing an excellent parametric equalizer, mic and surround sound settings, as well as different sound profiles.

Those who need to communicate closely with their teammates will appreciate the boom microphone: you won't have any problems being understood whether you're playing at home or gaming tournaments. Where they lack is in noise isolation.

The treble is also weak and uneven, which some gamers might not like. However, you can use the Astro Command Center to design your EQ or use a preset to find the right mix.

Regardless, if you're looking for a pair of reliable headphones, this wired headset is a solid, unique pick. These gaming headphones might not come with a dedicated app that offers many features, but they come with multiple accessories, making them a bit more versatile. You get extra pads, a carrying pouch, and a few extra cables in the box.

One of the cables even has a typical in-line remote that's mobile-friendly, meaning you can use your headphones easily with your phone. They also sound accurate and well-balanced, on top of being comfortable for long gaming sessions. However, note that their porous pads don't isolate very well against ambient noise and might be a bit leaky for some.

Overall, if you need a headset with tons of features and easy access to volume controls, go with the Astro. These are comfortable headphones; their headband distributes weight well while their ear cups feel plush against the skin, making them suitable for long gaming sessions. Sound is also well-balanced and accurate. If not, the dock is also a charge station, making it easy to refill the battery while you take a break.

runmus gaming headset reddit

If you're charging them with the micro USB, however, you can still use them wirelessly, extending your gaming time. These are well-built and sleek abel damina 30 days of glory day 5 mp3 download that are an affordable option for those who don't want to sacrifice quality for price.

While the version we tested is slightly more expensive, you can purchase the newer Corsair HS60 V2 Pro for less. We expect that they'll perform similarly, although we haven't tested them yet. If you like to play in the midst of loud gaming conventions, you'll also find that these headphones don't really isolate or block out much noise. Still, with impressive build quality and overall performance, the Corsair HS60 are one of the best budget gaming headsets so far.

If you play multiplayer games and need something with a great microphone but don't want to break the bank, get the HyperX Cloud Stinger.

While they sound good out-of-the-box, unfortunately they don't offer companion software to allow you to customize the sound profile. No change in recommendations. Updated price discrepancy for Corsair HS Minor changes to text and structural changes. Sign Up Log In The next generation of online gaming features new hardware that takes advantage of the latest technological advancements. This means that new gaming accessories, consoles, and general hardware is being developed by manufacturers to further enhance and improve the gaming experience, all within a reasonable price range.

One accessory that is extremely popular among online players is a high quality pair of gaming headphones. This accessory can completely enhance and change the way that someone experiences video games.

Headphones can be used as an output device as well as for communicating in online games. Many headphones include microphones and high definition audio speakers so that crisp and clear sound output can be achieved. In this review, five of the best gaming headphones will be analyzed so that users can gain a better understanding of which products lead the market in quality and price. There are so many different types of gaming headphones that can be used for different purposes.

Some of the factors that we are going to look at include customer reviews, compatibility, price range, and overall product specifications. Each of these factors can have a major impact on a customer's decision to purchase a pair of headphones. There are specific compatibility requirements that some headphones have, while others do not. These are the aspects that are going to receive the most attention in this review of the top five gaming headphones. Beexcellent Gaming Headset.

Logitech G 7. This device has everything that users are looking for. The features include an ergonomic light weight design that enhances comfort for users that are looking to enjoy long gaming sessions. The surround sound effect features degree speaker sound tracing technology for an immersive gaming experience. There are plenty of supported gaming devices like the PS4 and Xbox One.

The microphone quality is extremely high which allows for crisp communication without static or disruptive noises. Users can find comfort in the fact that this device comes with a one year warranty with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, you can redeem your warranty and get your money back immediately. For additional peace of mind, users should know that Amazon endorsed this headset product because of its outstanding customer reputation.

These headphones are a popular name brand that have earned an incredible reputation with players. They feature a high level of audio quality for input and output, allowing for users to experience seamless communication without any disruption. The lightweight design is extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions and the device is compatible with all of the latest gaming consoles in this generation of gaming. The headset features a simple and convenient control panel that includes a volume toggle and mute button.

This product is a perfect balance between quality and price because it has high quality features balanced with an affordable price range.The next great peripherals war is being waged over your ears.

After every company on the planet put out a gaming mouse and then a mechanical keyboard, they turned their attention to headsets. So many headsets. See the bottom of this article for links to all of our headset reviews. Sort of. Yes, the original HyperX Cloud was a phenomenal headset.

There are some quality-of-life upgrades though, like removable cabling and more accessible volume and mute controls. It sounds great, too. Either way, the upshot is that the Cloud Alpha sounds as good or better than plenty of its more expensive competition, and with slightly more bass kick this time around.

Read our full review of the HyperX Cloud Alpha. A close contender is the new Logitech G Pro X. Read our full review of the Logitech G Pro X. Surprisingly, the one company competing with HyperX right now in the low-end space is But for Astro unveiled the new A10, its entry-level headset.

Cloud Stinger—still a great headset too. There were compromises to hit that price, for sure. The A10 has it where it counts though, which is to say it sounds great. Read our full review of the Astro A The Void Pro Wireless takes getting used to, with diamond-shaped earcups and a headband that slants toward the front of the head.

Not ideal. At least Corsair improved the microphone. Read the full review of the Corsair Void Pro Wireless. Like, really tough. The G is an excellent headset, with crisp and well-balanced audio and a few nifty design features like being able to store the USB dongle inside an earcup.

Well, aesthetics are a huge reason. The G was all sharp angles and science fiction. The G on the other hand is sleek, professional, restrained. I like it. The headset is lightweight, durable, and less vise-grip tight than its predecessor.Owning one of the best gaming headsets can quite literally be a game-changer.

Crystal-clear audio can help you pick up the sound and direction of enemy gunfire when you ultimately find yourself surrounded in Call of Duty: Warzone. Perhaps you prefer to hear the bone-crunching guitar riffs as you rip and tear through demons in Doom Eternal.

So whether you're looking to gain a competitive edge in a first-person shooter or just want to improve your overall gaming experience, one of the best gaming headsets may be just what you're after. There are a few points that you'll want to consider when choosing the best gaming headset. Of course, price and sound quality are two important factors, and we've taken both of these into account when picking our favorites for this list.

Comfort is another thing you'll want to think about as even the best sound quality won't do you a lot of good if you always have to adjust your headset—or also remove it altogether—during longer gaming sessions.

Lastly, the majority of the headsets we've listed here boast built-in, noise-canceling mics which are crucial for chatting with your teammates.

Adding one of the best gaming headsets to your set-up shouldn't have to cost the earth either. Alternatively, if you have the money to spare and want to go with a wireless option, you could do a lot worse than the Razer Nari Ultimate.

Aside from the superb sound quality and comfort, this particular headset also offers haptic feedback. Our list of the best gaming headsets has something for everyone regardless of budget. Alternatively, if you're determined to cut down on cord clutter, our guide to the best wireless gaming headsets may be more to your taste.


Wireless: No Drivers: 50mm dual chamber neodymium Connectivity: 3. Bearing the fruits of HyperX Cloud's long legacy of excellence, the newest Cloud Alpha presents excellent sound and build quality with the essential features done well, and no feature-flab inflating the price. The stereo soundscape in this closed-back design is punchier in the low end than we'd usually go for, but the extra bass doesn't interfere with overall clarity—and frankly, in games and music environments, it sounds great.

Each 50mm driver's dual chamber design is intended to give low, medium and high frequencies space to resonate without interfering with each other, and you do get a sense of that while listening to them. Elsewhere it's the usual impressive build quality, generous padding, clear mic and high comfort levels over longer play sessions that the Cloud design has always offered. The inline controls are the only exception to that rule—they feel flimsy by comparison to the rest of the package.

We recommend the Alpha over the Cloud II only just because of the better frequency response range, although there's very little separating the two models. Read the full review: HyperX Cloud Alpha. High-res audio is on the up thanks to lossless streaming from Tidal et al, and games such as Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus offering full support. The Arctis Pro GameDAC makes full use of that crystalline high-res sound with a 5HzKHz frequency response range—a spec that also makes the drivers sound great for everyday compressed audio usage.

So, if you're planning to use a gaming headset for watching videos and TV on your PC, or music, this is a great choice. The GameDAC itself is a combination of a digital-to-analog converter that takes the strain away from your CPU, a preamp, and a control center.We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

No cherry-picked units sent by brands. They have a cheap design that isn't very comfortable, and a dark, muffled sound profile that isn't very versatile, especially since it can vary a lot between individuals. Their microphone has an excellent recording quality in quiet environments, though, which makes them a solid choice if you don't mind their fit and care more about mic than sound quality.

They don't fit properly on most people and fail to reproduce audio consistently, often resulting in a boomy sound profile. They don't feel very stable on the head either and isolate very little noise. The microphone performs very well in quiet environments, though, so they could be okay for some gaming or phone calls if you don't mind the fit. Due to issues in fit, their sound profile can vary widely between two different people. Regardless of how they fit on you, their sound profile will likely be a far cry from the accurate, neutral sound desired for critical listening.

They have an awkward fit that doesn't tend to seal correctly, which lets in a lot of ambient noise. They're not very comfortable either and their bulky, wired design can get in the way when you're on-the-go.

Headset's microphone is not working on PC

They don't have a stable fit and tend to slide off the head with very little movement. Since there's a lot of space around the ear cups, they're somewhat breathable, but will still make you sweat more than you normally would, so they're not recommended for this use. While they're not uncomfortable to the point that they cause pain, they're not comfortable either.

They also don't isolate very much noise at all. On the upside, they don't leak too badly, so you shouldn't bother your colleagues with your music as long as they're not sitting right next to you.

While their awkward fit isn't ideal for long gaming sessions, their microphone performs very well in quiet environments. They won't be ideal in a noisier setting, but if you're just gaming at home and don't mind their fit, they can be an alright choice. If you need to take a call in a quiet environment like an empty meeting room or silent hallway, you'll find their has an excellent recording quality. However, in noisier environments, you'll be harder to understand.

They look cheap, even more so than other headsets in the same price range like the Corsair HS Many of the style choices, from the fake vents on the ear cups and the spoilers on the headband, to the inconsistent RGB lighting, are questionable at best. On the upside, the plastic has a semi-matte finish which is nice since it doesn't collect fingerprints.

They're quite lightweight and distribute pressure reasonably well, so they shouldn't cause much pain or fatigue even during longer gaming sessions. However, they have a very loose fit that tends to create large gaps around the ear cups, which is rather noticeable once they're on your head. Their awkward fit combined with the very cheap padding used along the headband and ear cups makes them less than ideal if you're looking for a comfortable gaming headset.

There's only a mic-mute slider and volume wheel, which makes them pretty easy to use, but the volume wheel sits flush against the in-line remote which makes it easy to miss. There's also no channel mixing, which is disappointing for multiplayer gaming. You won't want to wear these while working out since they'll still make you sweat a fair bit, but they shouldn't get unbearably warm while gaming. Note that we had to modify our testing procedure a bit to get adequate measurements - they wouldn't fit our breathability rig properly so we had to strap them down with bungee cords to get them to fit more like they do in real life.

They're very bulky and will take up quite a bit of space on your desk. Their microphone isn't detachable, but it can swivel upwards to be less in the way. The frame doesn't fold up, though - this shouldn't be an issue if you're just gaming at home, but can be frustrating if you need to carry them to an event.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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runmus gaming headset reddit

Click here to ask away! Headset's microphone is not working on PC. Sidebar Sidebar.

runmus gaming headset reddit

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Previous Next Sort by votes. Jun 1, 2 0 10 0. Hello, as title is saying, my microphone in headset is not working on PC But it was working while ago. But is working on laptop without any issue. Tried everything i found on internet, nothing seems to work for me.

Headset's reproductors working well, just microphone not. Nothing working on PC I am out of ideas and can't find anything else i tried out there, so I am asking here on the forum and hopefuly someone will have solution for me.It checks all the right boxes by offering multi-platform compatibility, an ergonomic design, and a true Surround Sound effect. As you would expect from a company that puts out such a large variety of high quality gaming headsets, the K8 has tons of features that will make gamers happy.

It has superior 50mm audio drivers combined with advanced audio techniques to deliver a true Surround Sound effect. The microphone is noise canceling and anti-static for crystal-clear communication even during the most frantic of Fortnite firefights. The K8 offers an excellent sound quality at a nearly unbeatable entry level price. The only major negative that we could find with the K8 is that the cord length is rather long.

The K8. It is very lightweight. It is not heavy at all. I mean it says in the corner, lightweight and yeah, that box is very lightweight.

So, with no further delay. So, okay. Yeah, nice. Bunch of cushions up here on the top, keep you comfortable. Cushions here, keep it nice and soft on your ears, keep you comfortable.

I do like that. Got some silver, chrome looking design here. Rubber can dry out. Fabric is usually better. It comes with a built in splitter, it looks like.

I like that, probably for headphones and then microphones. And this is how you can plug it into something else, maybe your PC. Okay, so I do like that. I like the fact it has the adapter.

You can see volume here. So yeah. The R is backwards on this side, but no biggie. But, as you can see, it lights up pretty well. I could use this for headphones if I want. I have used it for music, and I could feel the bass vibrating as well as the treble coming in decently. Needless to say, I was impressed. The microphone quality is good as well, but I must mention that the quality of the mic will depend on your sound card if you plan you use this on the PC. The reason for this is because the headset is analog and not digital.

It does not transfer sound. The sound will be through the 3. This is good for a few reasons. So to sum it up, on the plus side of things, adjustable size to fit most people.

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