Xpenology alternative

Where you get into trouble is if you want to transcode video. You may have different clients; some may have to be transcoded, some may not. You may have an Xbox, you may have Chromecast, you may be playing them through your PC, who knows?

People even do dedicated builds with their own hardware on XPEnology. So how are we able to do all this? So without getting really deep into what that means, basically, it means that anybody who wishes to can get the full source codes or the guts, in other words, of the Synology software and do whatever they want to with it.

xpenology alternative

They can modify it, re-release it and just do whatever they want to with it. Now the RAM is way, way overkill but you can have as little or as much as you want to thrown at it.

I know mine will transcode multiple streams via Plex and do all the Plex transcoding that most any home user could ever want. The transfer speeds are actually faster. But not very much so we get about 30 percent faster transfer speeds just transferring things across the network with the XPEnology NAS versus the older J that we had.

Now we still use the J for a back-up NAS. It still works fine. There is a couple of drawbacks, the first one is going to be support. So the other drawback, and this is kind of the big one in my opinion, is the frequency of the updates. So you can see that my official box is at 5.

You see my uptime is like 60 days almost and I think the only reason it rebooted then is because of the power outage but you should be ok regardless of which one you decide to go with. But first one was just XPEnology. You can fill-out some surveys, let them know how your experience is. The second place is XPEnology. You can do a lot of cool things with it. Just a few more videos just to give you a little bit more information and show you that running XPEnology really is going to be pretty much exactly the same as running the full Synology software.

Are you able to use QuickConnect or something similar? Your email address will not be published. Video transcript overview of Xpenology and how to setup your own Xpenology NAS with your own hardware.

xpenology alternative

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I've read the guide and forums and keep going round in circles and hoping someone can confirm whether or not this is something that I can do or has Synology now shut the door completely on outsiders?

If the MyDS route is not an option are there others? Could I install OwnCloud for instance? And if so then how? Using QuickConnect on an Xpenolgy box isn't really a good idea, it just gives Synology reason to add extra protection to stop us using DSM at all. There are alternatives around if you look, or if you really must use QuickConnect buy one of the cheaper real Synology boxes.

Xpenology: The Definitive Guide (2019 Update)

Ok, I know you upset, but do you mind giving some tips as to what are the alternatives? Couldn't agree more! Old school ethics seem to be slipping among some members of the h4cking community these days. Thank you for the suggestion, I was hoping someone can recommend a free or paid service similar to QuickConnect, where there no need to open ports on my router, some thing like Teamviewer, using packet relay, if I am not mistaken.

DDNS is an alternative way, but I need to open ports, it is safe to open ports on router? If you trust or willing to let TeamViewer client to passthrough SSL tunel, you already put your cards at the table.

Teamviewer client enforce permanent connection to TeamViewer server so you can hop in from outside using this active session. Opening additional port on your router is something you should evaluate from point of your network management skills. If you dont want to use DDNS, try using he. You could probably pick one of these models up super cheap from ebay or alternatively go with a new model supporting wireless AC.

Thank you for your valuable advice, I have never really thought about this. Archives Search In. Recommended Posts.

Posted June 4, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted June 6, Posted June 14, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. There's your alternativeS. Posted June 15, You guys have been hammering me lately with questions about Drobos and QNAPs, and storage in general. I was looking at drobo device for home, but Qnap devices look good too. Chris Kirby on Twitter: johnpoz Have the original Drobo. Looking to upgrade, but data not directly transferable.

Wondering if this is time to changes boxes. Love your show! Nick on Twitter johnpoz both qnap and drobo have offsite automated duplication, right?

Do they have integrated or included cloud options like dropbox? And we just had a discussion with a group of the Geek Beat Patrons on our monthly hangout about it. Which one is better? Drobo, or QNAP? Scratch that actually! And my integrity is NOT for sale. So get some popcorn, or whatever you do, because its going to be kind of a long discussion today.

Reliable Data Storage on the Cheap!

Ok, where to begin, where to begin? First, we need to acknowledge that no one storage device is gonna be perfect for all situations.

There are compromises in life, and storage is no exception. So the first thing we need to do is segment our discussion into two categories: Direct Attached Storage, and Network Attached Storage. Network attached means the storage connects via ethernet into a router so it can be shared with multiple computers. Lets talk about Direct Attached Storage first. Some of you have asked me about very specific applications such as video editing and photo storage and editing directly from your external storage.

Considering you can load a Drobo 5D up with five 4TB drives for 20TB of raw capacity, and you can set it up to have dual drive redundancy, its combination of storage, speed, reliability and price is hard to beat. The G-Tech drive would be great if you are looking for a lot of raw, fast external storage to work on, but not for long term storage. First, for the most capacity you can get in a compact unit to-go, the Drobo Mini will let you combine four 2.

It has no competition. So you always have two independent copies in case something happens to one. If your goal is to put your files on the network so multiple computers can share them, this is the way to go!

To me, the ideal size for a NAS device is at least 4 drives. Drobos let you literally just plug in your bare hard drives, and walk away. So the big benefit is ease of use.

Drobo also offers a small number of apps that you can run, most importantly Plexwhich lets you stream your media to TVs or mobile devices anywhere in the world, but it also lets you mirror your content to either Copy.Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Alternative to Xpenology? Show only OP. Mar 31, at PM 1. Hi All I would really like an alternative to Xpenology, As much as i love it its always a worry updating it etc and a right pain with boot loaders etc etc. However I have some issues. I need a NAS solution that has Easy to use apps for the family.

Recommended Hardware

A My must haves are; some sort of i. Look forward to any advice. Apr 1, at AM 2. Real Synology box and run Plex or whatever off board to do media serving? It's an annoyance to use two boxes, but it's what I've ended up doing and run Plex on an ixx on Windows, with Xpenology doing everything else whilst the required nuggets are saved for a decent 4 bay Synology.

Apr 1, at PM 3. Apr 1, at PM 4. I'm sure there is probably a docker image you could run on top of freenas etc. Apr 1, at PM 5. Unraid has a Zoneminder docker container as well as a Plex docker container.

It can also run OwnCloud which I think has mobile apps for photo syncing and of course VMs are no problem either. It is a good choice here I think.

Apr 1, at PM 6. UnRAID has loads of apps to cover just about all eventualities. Apr 1, at PM 7.As a result, it is free to use and adapt by third parties. Synology DSM 5. The boot loader is the most important in the installation. At present there are two bootloaders available Gnoboot and Nano boat. The bootloaders are based on the Synology DiskStation DSxs x64 and DSplay x86 and are developed separately by the respective community members. On a regular basis the bootloaders are updated with new drivers and if necessary adapted to new DSM software.

Obviously, the DSM software are not lacking. Using the original Synology DSM software there. After installing the bootloader is made some changes. This ensures that everything related to the DSM software functions correctly. Simple GUI with ongoing developments. ZFS provides advanced features like snapshots to keep old versions of files, incremental remote backups to keep your data safe on another device without huge file transfers, and intelligent compression, which reduces the size of files so quickly and efficiently that it actually helps transfers happen faster.

ZFS is designed for data integrity from top to bottom. A software mirror option is also available. The FreeNAS Volumes screen lists each possible parity arrangement based on the number of disks you select when creating a new volume. Openfiler ensures that storage administrators are able to make the best use of system performance and storage capacity resources when allocating and managing storage in a multi-platform network.

Openfiler addresses all the key data storage concerns:. Much thanks to the remarkable work from the guys who recompiled DSM source code, it is proven that DSM can be installed on non Synology appliances. However, you have to keep it to yourself that it is an unlicensed, unsupported installation.

Below link for Synology DSM 5. Every ZFS filesystem is also verified with checksums from top to bottom to ensure data integrity. If inconsistencies are found, parity blocks can be used to repair corrupt data. A regular scrub is turned on by default and can be rescheduled or configured from the web interface.The appeal of building your own Network attached storage device NAS rather than buy a pre-built unit from a top-tier brand like Synology can be very tempting.

Synology do not let users buy their software separately from their hardware and this means that users have to make a choice between saving money on the NAS hardware or spending more on a Synology and getting the software. However what if there was another way? Thanks to Xpenology, this is now possible. It should always be noted that this is not endorsed by Synology and should be used purely as a form of reference and not as an alternative to purchasing a Synology NAS with included DSM software.

This article is not intended for consumers. This article is intended for app development and research, and contains information and links only for trained professionals on study opportunities on DSM. We do not recommend routine use of XPEnology! For reliable operation of the DSM, you should buy the original product from the manufacturer!

DSM loved by many, but unfortunately Synology not released a version for PC, the operating system is not compatible with the hardware of many PCs and servers are not produced by Synology. Despite the fact that the development team at Xpenology was able to release the bootloader, allowing DSM run on almost any computer, we strongly recommend that you refrain from using a bootloader on production and buy it from the above-mentioned original products from Synology.

Use it at your own risk!

Windows alternative to XPEnology and freenas

We will not be held responsible for any data loss or broken machine. It is a well-optimized Linux kernel, most of the changes which aims to work with hard disk drives and Raid arrays. They did a great job — their products are the best and we will tell why. Thanks to them! A lot of people prefer this because they can pick out there own more powerful processor and RAM to handle things like transcoding video.

xpenology alternative

This will also save money and make you more flexible in the long term. I think this is an important thing because Synology offers really great support. You should decide if its worth from you to buy a stock-NAS to benefit from them. Downloading Xpenology is pretty easy and once downloaded, you can install in about minutes. If you are doing a fresh install of DSM 6. There are a few things you need to get this up and running the first thing is, of course, a computer, the next thing you need is a USB stick.

I just use an old one I had laying around here and it will do the trick! So if you have that and a little bit of spare time you can get this up and be running pretty quickly. Now the above hardware is only what I ended up using because it fit my specific needs. When it comes down to it you can install xpenology on almost any PC you might have laying around. So if you run into a snag or have questions about your options, chances are there are some people that can help.By nikkpapOctober 11, in The Noob Lounge.

Now days I have one brix gigabyte at home with 6. All are ok, I use it since the first day of release. Data are very important cause it's a civil engineer office. I will of course backup all the data to a usb hdd just in case You will have to backup data elsewhere, install DSM with formatting your disks and copy data back from the backup.

You mentioned you would do a backup to USB just in case; to that, I'd say you should have a proper backup in general if the documents are important. A RAID 1 is not a backup. I've had my fair share of data loss due to drive failure in the past and have learned it pays to be paranoid about data storage.

Yes, if you have both running you can copy from one server to another. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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How to Install Synology DSM on a QNAP NAS with Xpenology

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